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Balancing Innovation & Stability - JD Edwards & Cloud

CIOs today have a very challenging role. Technologies such as IoT and mobile offer us amazing opportunities but they also add even more complexity to the day-to-day job of the CIO.

As CIO, you are supposed to be reducing costs and optimising core business operations, but you’re also supposed to be innovating.  You're supposed to be rolling out mobile apps to everyone, while also beefing up security etc.etc.

Keeping “the lights on“ while, at the same time, experimenting with new technologies is a delicate balancing act. Not only do these two strategies require different skill sets and even mindsets, but your success will be measured using different metrics. On the one hand, you’ll be rewarded for how stable systems are and on the other how open you are to change, innovation and experimentation.

Stability vs. Innovation – JDE & Hybrid Cloud

So, what can you do? The team at JD Edwards have put together this easy-to-read and practical handbook which should help you with the stability vs. innovation juggling act. It offers tips and checklists to ensure that you protect and strengthen your ERP investment (stability) while at the same time embracing the opportunities in digital transformation (innovation). It is a quick read with plenty of food for thought!

JD Edward Hybrid Cloud Check List


Read the e-book Moving Forward with JD Edwards ERP and Oracle Cloud

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