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Highlights from Larry Ellison's OpenWorld 2016 Keynote

From Well to Water System -  
A Generational Change in Enterprise IT

Larry Ellison started off his keynote with some high-level remarks on the fact that Enterprise IT is in the middle of a generational change, moving from on-premise (many smaller data centers) to the Cloud (a few super data centers).

He compared the transformation in Enterprise IT to the change that took place in other areas, giving the example of the water network.

In the past, in order access water you had to have your own well, now we get our water from a water system. Ellison argues that the Cloud offers the same possibility for Enterprise IT– instead of each of us having our own, we now can access a common utility. Just as with other utilities, this generates Economies of Scale and means we get better service at a lower price.

A Brave New World with New Competitors

Ellison then continued to talk about changes in the competitive landscape. Oracle’s major competitors are no longer the same as they were five years ago. According to Ellison, the two major competitors today are Amazon (Infrastructure) and Workday (Applications). Historically, their competitors would have been IBM for Infrastructure & SAP for Apps.

Oracle Cloud: Six Design Goals

Ellison outlined the key design goals at oracle

  • Cost: Lowest acquisition price – Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Reliability: Fault tolerant – no single point of failure
  • Performance: Fastest database, middleware, analytics
  • Standards: SQL, Hadoop, NoSQL…Java, Ruby, Node.js…Linux, Docker
  • Compatibility: Easily move workloads between on-premise and Cloud
  • Security: Always-on continuous defence against cyber attacks

Objectives for all three Tiers of the Cloud 

  • Saas: Suite Spot - The focus is on delivering complete suites of Applications so that customers don’t have to worry about integrating of lots of different products.

Cloud SaaS Complete Application Suite

  •  PaaS: Lift & Shift - Compatibility leading to Portability. This enables you to preserve your existing investment and be able to move it to the Cloud when you are ready.

Lift and Shift Oracle Cloud at Customer


  • IaaS: Lower cost and higher performance vs. Amazon

Other Highlights

  • Minute 30: EPM Cloud - Enterprise Performance Management

  • Minute 34; Supply Chain Manufacturing Suite. Ellison talks about Oracle currently being the only complete Manufacturing & Supply Chain Cloud offering, covering all aspects including:
    • Innovate-to-commercialize
    • Plan-to-produce
    • Source-to-Settle
    • Order-to-Cash

  • Minute 37: Customer Cloud Machines – Compatibility, Migration & Co-Existence. A new offering from Oracle  which gives you new choices for the Oracle Cloud Platform by bringing the Oracle Cloud to your data center. Learn more about Oracle Public Cloud Machine

  • Minute 55: Chatbots – using a texting interface to communicate with your Enterprise Applications. Make your own chatbot. Larry gives us a demo (57 minutes) by ordering some new business cards!

  • Minute 1:05 Announcing Oracle Analytics Cloud Suite which is now twice as fast as Tableau. Read the full Oracle Analytics Press Release 

  • Minute 1:09 IoT – Packaged Domain Specific Smart Applications. Specific IoT Applications around:
    • Fleet Management
    • Production Insights
    • Connected Worker
    • Asset Monitoring
  • Minute 1:10 Machine Learning & AI. Machine learning is  now being used in the “real-world” for example predicting buying behaviour among consumers.

 Larry Ellison's Keynote - Oracle OpenWorld 2016

 Watch the full keynote here or a two minute summary below

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