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Productivity Hack | JD Edwards UX One 

Ever feel that you have to do twice as much in half the time? When every minute counts, we all need hacks to help us get more done.

The good news is that JD Edwards EnterpriseOne UX One will do just that. Thanks to improved UX you’ll be able to work exactly the way you want, seeing only the information you need and displayed in a way that makes prioritising tasks easy.  

Some of the ways E1 UX One can you help you work smarter include:  

  • Personalised Forms that make it easier to see only the information you need.


Standard Work Order Revisions: 116 fields, 5 tabs

Simplified Work Order Revisions: 13 fields, 1 tab


  • Graphics and charts that let you see what’s important at a glance. Below an example of what an Accounts Payable Manager would see


  • Autonomy: Citizen Developers are enabled to manage UI without having to call on IT 

  • Automated data entry and retrieval  

  • Push Notifications when there are exceptions 

  • Fewer customizations, freeing up your IT team for more complex tasks


Check out this video of UX One for a great Overview 


Out-of-The-Box Role Based Landing Pages in EnterpriseOne 

The good news is that you can get up and running quickly as the JD Edwards Team provides ready-to-use role-based landing pages that you can take advantage of as delivered or modify to fit your specific business needs. There are now over 52 role based landing pages available and you can see what is available on each by consulting JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications UX One Roles User Guide 



9.2 Role-Based UX One Solutions | 52 Roles Now Available 





A Cost-Effective Solution to Boost Productivity  

UX One empowers end-users to be more autonomous and less reliant on IT by enabling them to become  Citizen Developers. This improves effectiveness and efficiency both for your end-users and your developers. Having autonomous team members who can get more work done in less time is good for business. 


Choose Personalization and Configuration over customization with the UX One framework: