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First things first and second things not at all | Automate with JDE Orchestrator

Making an impact requires dedicating large chunks of uninterrupted time to important  projects. Unfortunately, as we climb the corporate ladder, we seem to have less and less of this uninterrupted time at our disposal. We are frequently bombarded with demands that "can't be ignored " but contribute little.

If we are not careful, we run the risk of turning into one of those hard-working, extremely busy people who, in a bid to " get things done",  spreads themselves too thinly and ultimately misses out on making an impact.  

Juggling is for the Circus

Business gurus like Stephen R. Covey and Peter Drucker remind us of the importance of setting priorities, sticking to them and concentrating on one task at a time. A common-sense approach, but increasingly difficult in an "always on" world.  Peter Drucker's quote, "Do first things first, and second things not at all", sums this up nicely. He also says that there is a reason juggling is a circus stunt, for normal people, it just isn't feasible to successfully juggle for a long period of time. 

Help is at Hand | Automate with JD Edwards Orchestrator

The JD Edwards  Orchestrator is one of the most significant enhancements to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, it’s not just a new feature— it is truly transformative. It is transformative because it enables you to:

  1. Harness the Internet of Things: The Orchestrator enables IoT-enabled devices and machines to become users of the EnterpriseOne applications. As they feed data to the orchestrations, your JD Edwards system stays up-to-date and accurate without human intervention.  
  2. Automate Time-consuming, mundane tasks: Orchestrating your key business processes opens the door for extreme automation, integration with external systems and devices, less repetitive, mundane work for human users, fewer errors, lower costs, and better business data.

The JD Edwards Orchestrator increases the value of your entire investment in JD Edwards, leading to optimized operations, clearer analytics, and better regulatory compliance. In other words, it helps you to focus on the important stuff. Put first things first and make the time to learn more about the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator today. 

Learn More About JD Edwards Orchestrator

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Niamh is CMO at Redfaire. Niamh has been working in Enterprise Software & B2B communications for over ten years, having swapped the world of FMCG for the world of ERP.

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