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Posted by Shannon Lyons

We would like to introduce you to some of the many great Women in Tech who work at Redfaire and at partner companies as part of Redfaire International.  

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Why did you want to work with Redfaire?

I joined Redfaire in July 2018.  I was instantly attracted to Redfaire when I saw the HR role advertised.  There is a progressive and positive feel to the Company, and I love the fact that we are so rooted in Limerick but with a forward-thinking and open approach to flexibility that is so apparent in our structure across Ireland, the UK and our other diverse locations!

What is your Role

My role is the HR Manager for Redfaire.  Essentially HR helps people to positively impact the success of our business. 

To that point, I work across a range of areas such as Workforce planning, Talent management, Policy development and implementation, Employee Engagement and culture, Wellbeing, Compensation & Benefits, Learning & Development… 

HR doesn’t work in isolation and depends on interaction with the whole business, this interaction is the attraction and challenge of my role.

What does your typical day look like?

The scope of my role is quite varied.  Like most roles, HR has a type of ‘calendar’ of activities that happen throughout the year; coupled with this are various other projects which I may be working on.

A typical day might include meetings with teams or individuals across the business, ongoing development of new initiatives and processes, perhaps some recruitment or legislative review and anything else that requires attention during the day.

Favourite things about the job?

I love the involvement with people across the organisation.  The variety of my role keeps me interested and engaged – no matter what my plan is for a given day, it is likely to change at some point!  Being based in the city centre is also a lovely change as I had worked in the suburbs for several years prior to joining Redfaire!

Tell us more?

I adore food and all the theatre that goes with it!  I love music and am a big Tom Waits fan!  I have 4 young kids and most weekends my husband and I can be found racing between their various activities!

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