Your Guide to JD Edwards Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2017 (OOW17)

Posted by Emma Corbett

The Oracle community is ready for the annual OpenWorld event. Whether you’ve already secured your ticket or are considering the benefits of attending, here’s your guide to OOW17.

Your Guide to JD Edwards Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2017 (OOW17) Image


The Oracle community is ready for the annual OpenWorld event. Whether you’ve already secured your ticket or are considering the benefits of attending, here’s your guide to OOW17.


Users of JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud ERP are seeking the latest product updates and Oracle news at OpenWorld this year. With more than 2,500 sessions, demos, case studies, user groups and hands-on labs, delegates have a huge pool of content. While this is great, it’s important that delegates be selective about which parts of OpenWorld 2017 are most relevant to them.




Case Study: Chevron's Global JD Edwards 9.2 Upgrade Top 5 Success Factors 
David Platt, Program Manager, JDE Optimization, Chevron


Chevron's international operations in 25 countries successfully upgraded from JD Edwards 8.11 to the latest version of JD Edwards, EnterpriseOne 9.2. This session examines the planning, methodology, organization, and implementation strategy that ultimately accelerated the timeline and saved a significant amount of the original budget. Chevron ultimately retrofitted and migrated close to 6,000 custom objects for its upgrade. The go-lives were characterized as "flawless" and "exceeding expectations" by the 9 business units. This discussion examines the Top 5 success factors.

Avoid Fines with Oracle's JD Edwards and Supplier Qualification Management 
Todd Griffith, Vice President Operations, CSS International


Most construction companies are familiar with DBE compliance rules that require them to dedicate a certain percentage of their project work to disadvantaged businesses. Sounds easy enough but it's difficult to track and has cost some of the biggest firms millions of dollars in fines, plus the risk of not being able to continue work in states where penalties occurred. Oracle's JD Edwards and Oracle's supplier qualification management solutions (part of Oracle Procurement Cloud) provide integration and robust functionality that can mitigate those risks and keep your firm working in compliance with regulations. In this session, see the features and functionality of SQM, alongside JD Edwards, and learn about an implementation at one of the world's largest construction firms.


Accelerate Oracle ERP Cloud Implementations and Upgrades 
Barry Greenhut, Oracle
Christine Doxey, Owner Or Partner, "Doxey, Inc"


In this session learn how to make Oracle ERP Cloud projects easier and better with smart decisions about security and business process design, accelerated by automated analyses. Get detailed guidance on satisfying multiple control frameworks, finding and addressing separation-of-duties risks, ensuring that ERP users are conducting business according to policy and performance goals, reducing project cost and rework, and accelerating ROI. Also learn how to ensure that your organization's controls are preserved and optimized, and compliance obligations are met.

Adaptive Intelligent and IoT Applications for ERP and SCM: Strategy and Roadmap
Jon Chorley, CSO and GVP SCM Product Strategy, Oracle
Steve Tonas, Vice President, Oracle


In this session learn how Oracle's new SaaS on PaaS offerings are solving some of the most complex and data-intensive computational problems faced by ERP and SCM users by leveraging deep machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies powered by Oracle Cloud. These solutions provide actionable insights and real-time recommendations by analyzing massive amounts of data coming from information technology systems such as ERP/SCM/CRM/HCM applications. They also work with data from operational technology systems such as machines/equipment/assets/test stations to help assess the impact of multivariate changes to profitability and margins, optimize operational costs, reduce overheads, and maximize manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies.

Case Study: Oracle Finance Deploys Modern Controls with Oracle ERP Cloud Rollout 
Barry Greenhut, Oracle


In this session get a rare look at how Oracle devises and enforces controls in its own cloud implementations and operations. Oracle business and compliance teams for finance, employee expense management, and more offer a look into their policies and enforcement techniques. They also offer advice on planning and implementing cloud controls and keeping up with changing business needs and cloud functionality.
Last, on the ‘must attend’ list are the keynotes, which see Oracle’s executives and key partners share their visions and corporate announcements. Look out for the keynotes of Larry Ellison, Oracle CTO, and Mark Hurd, Oracle CEO, whom usually deliver the biggest announcements.



Those are our top OOW17 picks for JD Edwards and Cloud ERP delegates. There is lots of additional information available on the Oracle OpenWorld website.

Each year we provide our readers with highlights of the OOW event to ensure you’re up-to-date. Missed last year’s updates? Never fear - see our blog from Larry Ellison’s 2016 OpenWorld keynote. Alternatively, if you’re just looking to jog your memory, the OpenWorld blog summarizes the 3 most memorable moments from OOW16.


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