Oracle OpenWorld 2016 - JD Edwards & the Cloud

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Wondering how to optimize Oracle JD Edwards by harnessing the power of the Oracle Cloud ? There is a great mix of JD Edwards sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2016 combining both deep dives and high-level strategic presentations. Check out some of the hightlights in this blog

Oracle OpenWorld 2016 - JD Edwards & the Cloud Image

Oracle Cloud & JD Edwards - Not to miss Sessions at
Oracle Openworld 2016 (OOW16)

Wondering how to optimize Oracle JD Edwards by harnessing the power of the
Oracle Cloud ?  There is a great mix of JD Edwards sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2016 combining both deep dives and high-level strategic presentations. Learn more about JD Edwards at Oracle OpenWorld on the OOW16 website.

General Session: Thrive, Advance, and Succeed with JD Edwards in Today’s Digital Economy [GEN6140]

Robert Monahan, Oracle
Gary Grieshaber, Oracle

What does it take to achieve competitive advantage in today’s digital business environment? How do you build the business models, processes, and systems that generate new sources of revenue; drive changes in the value chain that lead to lower costs; and create a cost-effective, personalized customer experience that increases profits? Oracle’s JD Edwards is your platform to achieve these goals, enabling strategic, mobile, and real-time digital transformation based on innovative technology, such as big data, the Internet of Things, and the cloud. Join this session to explore the operating models, tools, technologies, and applications that will empower your organization to conquer today’s challenges and thrive in today’s digital economy.

Inside JD Edwards Labs: Weigh in on Tomorrow’s Technology [CON6830]

Gary Grieshaber, Oracle
Manish Somani, Senior Director, Product Strategy & Advanced R&D, Oracle

Oracle’s JD Edwards Labs is the innovation engine that has helped Oracle customers and partners in enabling new technologies to help solve existing complex business problems. This session reviews the latest projects and ideas that are being worked on in JD Edwards Labs, including a modern user interface, the cloud, and cognitive computing. This is your chance to provide feedback and engage with JD Edwards Labs to create solutions that will be mainline products tomorrow.


CIO Reports: The Role of an Integrated ERP Suite in the Hybrid Cloud [CON6837]

Gary Grieshaber, Oracle

As the landscape of business application providers continues to grow, along with best-of-breed, cloud-based “point solutions” for functions that are traditionally part of an integrated ERP suite, this session explores what is the best course of action and the guiding principles for what should be part of your integrated ERP suite. It also explores which components are natural complements to the suite. Come hear from customers who are part of the strategic advisory council to Oracle’s JD Edwards product development as they discuss their strategies and perspectives on this important topic. The session is relevant to all JD Edwards customers.


JD Edwards & Oracle Cloud - Hitchhiker’s Guide to JD Edwards in Oracle Cloud [CON6801]

Denise Grills, Oracle

This session takes you on a trip through the galaxy of content for Oracle’s JD Edwards in the cloud to help you find the information you need to gain an awareness of the range of JD Edwards cloud offerings, make the business case for a cloud strategy, understand the technical foundation of JD Edwards in the cloud, and learn how to deploy JD Edwards in the cloud. The session shows you where you can find the information you are looking for and demonstrates the value of the various types of content Oracle provides and is planning to deliver in the near future. Questions and suggestions are welcome.

Benefits of Using Oracle PaaS with JD Edwards [CON6846]

Kem Butler, Oracle

Oracle platform as a service (PaaS) helps businesses accelerate new application adaptation and innovation, including the Internet of Things and mobile. It also helps enable integration of their new and legacy applications. This session covers how PaaS can be used to make Oracle’s JD Edwards even better today.
Conference Session. 

Practical Scenarios for Using Oracle Cloud Applications with JD Edwards [CON6798]

Kem Butler, Oracle

Oracle continues to make significant investments in its JD Edwards applications while developing and delivering Oracle Cloud applications. Which solution set is right for you? Both. JD Edwards customers can have the best of both worlds and take advantage of Oracle Cloud applications alongside their existing JD Edwards applications. In this session, you will learn how Oracle Cloud applications such as Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud can provide business value to your organization. The session highlights examples of how some JD Edwards customers are taking advantage of Oracle Cloud applications today. Lastly, you will learn what interfaces JD Edwards provides to enable these applications to work together.

JD Edwards Technology Driving Continuous Innovation [CON6820]

Jeff Erickson, Oracle

The world’s best-run IT organizations use technology as a tool to solve real-world business challenges. It is critical that your IT organization fully understand the technology solutions available, how to select the ones that will maximize your IT investment, and how to deliver these to your business users. This session continues the roadmap discussion of Oracle’s JD Edwards, with a focus on these technologies. The session highlights new technology features, which will improve and transform your business processes. The session also previews the new and exciting technology capabilities planned on the horizon.


JDE: Maintaining and Supporting Your JDE Oracle Public Cloud Solution [CON7240]

Charles Viss, Oracle

Interested in running or already running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on the Oracle Public Cloud? In this session, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne support will cover EnterpriseOne on the Oracle Cloud as a supported operating environment. Learn tips and tricks for getting your Cloud instance up and running and how best to engage the Support Organization to get the most from your environment.

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