The PizzaExpress Story: JD Edwards, Upgrades & the Cloud

Posted by Emma Corbett

The team at PizzaExpress has upgraded JD Edwards twice in the past two years (from XE to 9.1 to 9.2) moved from SQL to Oracle database and moved JD Edwards to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

The PizzaExpress Story: JD Edwards, Upgrades & the Cloud Image

Finance Systems Project Manager at PizzaExpress, Olga Pavlova, highlights the benefits.

Benefits of Upgrading to JD Edwards 9.2

  • Improving Performance: Olga and the team at PizzaExpress have seen a huge difference in performance. Olga gave the example of daily data integrities which are now completed very quickly.
  • New Functionality: The JD Edwards product Development team continues to add new functionality and thanks to Apps Unlimited there is a very detailed product roadmap for JD Edwards until at least 2031. One of the highlights of the recent release is the JD Edwards Orchestrator.
  • Simplification & Automation: Thanks to JD Edwards UXone the end-user experience has been greatly enhanced. An example given by Olga is the use of CafeOne to combine key information on one screen.
  • Empowering the End-user with Watchlists: Olga and her team have put on a watchlist which lets business users know if there is an issue with any of the interfaces. This simple hack has lightened the load of IT by ensuring any issues are flagged well in advance of month-end. 

JD Edwards in the Cloud

Stay tuned right to the end to hear a great Q&A on the why and how of moving JDE to the Cloud. PizzaExpress has been using a hosted version of Oracle JD Edwards for a number of years now which is part of the reason they have been able to upgrade so quickly and easily.

Olga also talks about the benefits for her of a Cloud-based JD Edwards, because it means she gets to spend more time on improving business processes rather than having to worry about the infrastructure.

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