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Rose Lane |
Senior JDE Functional Consultant

Posted by Shannon Lyons

Redfairers are an eclectic bunch. What we all have in common is our commitment to delivering the very best solutions to our clients.

Meet the Team || Rose Lane || Senior JDE Functional Consultant Image

In this series of interviews, we introduce you to the people that make Redfaire, Redfaire. Learn about where they are from, what they do when not working, their passions and their hobbies.

Tell us about yourself

I'm a person who likes to create and make things whether it's art, jewellery, woodwork or DIY, I've normally got at least one project on the go. Thankfully I have a very patient husband and a 16 and 17-year-old who are used to being roped in or finding the odd pair of pliers or hammer around the house.

Luckily for me, I see my job as being quite creative; I get a buzz out of finding the right solution to a problem and being able to put that solution in place be it at home with a new lamp or for a customer at work.

Tell us about your career at Redfaire

I've worked with JDE for 22 years as an analyst, product manager for manufacturing systems and JDE developer so have a good mixture of working with the business and users to figure out how they can optimise their interactions with JDE, and then develop the system to realise their requirements. 

For the last three years, I've worked for Redfaire as a consultant and each year has been different. I have enjoyed taking on new challenges. During the lockdown, I did a lot of travelling to help customers whose scheduled go-lives were suddenly at risk and needed UK boots on the ground. It's really interesting jumping between different JDE systems to see how different customers have configured things to get the best out of the system for them. 

I've been focussing a lot recently on orchestrations and user experience improvements for customers. It's still often the case where customers aren't getting the best out of the tools that JDE now has. Certainly, in my old job, we were so focussed on day-to-day work, we never had time to look at new features that are available, which I now know is a terrible shame as there are so many easy-to-handle tools available; we could have transformed JDE for our users with very little effort and cost. We can do so much in 9.2 without touching the base code; it's amazing to think back 20 years and think about what we were working with compared to now!

Can you share some tips about working remotely? 

I've worked remotely full-time for 16 years since my daughter was born. Initially, being a people person, I found that quite a difficult change and I can see that it would not be for everyone. Now, I can't imagine working any other way and struggle to be as productive in an office environment. It helps that I'm part of a great team who are always happy to help and throw ideas around to figure out the best solution for a customer based on all our combined expertise. If you know someone who is new to remote working, or really just to be friendly, it's really worth reaching out to each other!

Tell us about an achievement that you are proud of? 

Nothing that Redfaire can throw at me will ever be as difficult as doing my PhD! Although I'm not using the knowledge I gained with 8 years at Uni, I'm certainly using the resilience, time management, communication and analytical skills I gained. I like a challenge :-)

How did you hear about Redfaire?

Redfaire were the consultancy we always used when I worked for my previous company, and I was always impressed by the people and their knowledge. It was a goal of mine for many years that one day, I would like to move to Redfaire, and here I am :-) It's a real pleasure working with people who are passionate and knowledgeable about JDE.

How do you keep a healthy work/life balance?

I'm based in the UK on the border of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, between the Peak District and Sherwood Forrest which makes it a great place to get out on the trails on my bike. I'm in an old mining area, which is constantly being developed to turn all the old mining infrastructure into green spaces for people and miles of cycle routes and pathways, we're a little spoiled!!

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