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Oracle ERP Data Optimization

ARCTOOLS® is an Oracle Validated solution and the leading data purging and archiving tool for Oracle JD Edwards software. Currently, more than 500 Oracle JD Edwards clients worldwide use ARCTOOLS to proactively manage application data growth, increase productivity and reduce operating costs. 

ARCTOOLS is available for

  • IBM iSeries(also known as the AS/400, i5, and System i)
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL Server

ARCTOOLs can also be used to purge and archive data from non-JD Edwards applications, including  Oracle E-Business Suite, Demantra & custom applications.
Learn more about ARCTOOLS.

Benefits of Purging and Archiving Oracle JD Edwards Data

Much of the data stored in the production database is unnecessary for the everyday functioning of your ERP system. Keeping this inactive data in the production environment slows down system performance and complicates database backup and maintenance.

ARCTOOLS delivers measurable cost-savings and significant improvements in performance by moving this inactive data to an easily accessible archive environment.

Data Archiving as a Service

ARCTOOLS is also available as a Service. For a monthly fee, we will look after all your JD Ewards data archiving needs. Whether you have large or small volumes of data to manage, the service is sized for your requirements. All archive processes are managed remotely by our expert team, freeing up your valuable resources for other business priorities. Learn more about Data Archiving as a Service.


Efficient Oracle JD Edwards upgrades

Oracle strongly recommends purging and archiving Oracle JD Edwards data before upgrading. With ARCTOOLS, your upgrades will be quicker and more efficient. Reducing the amount of data to convert prior to an upgrade delivers the following benefits:

  • Less system downtime during the upgrade
  • Less strain on IT resources
  • Easier testing
  • Less data integrity issues

ARCTOOLS Features & Benefits

Quick implementation & Rapid ROI

With ARCTOOLS you will begin to see improvements in database performance within a matter of days. ARCTOOLS is quick and easy to install and does not require you to buy any additional hardware.

Minimal Disruption

ARCTOOLS causes minimal disruption to your business as purging and archiving can be carried out while end-users are still in the system. What’s more, much of the project can be carried out remotely which allows for greater flexibility and minimizes the amount of time your internal IT team needs to dedicate to the project.

Secure - Protects Data Integrity

ARCTOOLS ensures that application integrity is maintained by using JD Edwards’s application logic and validation rules. Also, in the unlikely event that archived data needs to be put back into production a reverse purge can be run.


ARCTOOLS is extremely flexible and is easily able to handle customized configurations. The inclusion of bespoke tables and the creation of new purge modules are easily managed.

Easy to Use

ARCTOOLS is very user-friendly and does not require additional programming or an in-depth knowledge of JD Edwards.


ARCTOOLS® is a registered trademark of DCSoftware, Inc.(C) 2018, DCSoftware, Inc. All rights reserved.
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