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When JD Edwards ERP Data needs to be Proactively Managed
ERP is the heart of an organisation. To keep JD Edwards 'healthy' and running smoothly, your data needs to be lean and clean.

Data challenges can occur:  

  • In organisations, with many modules and users.
  • When the production database is in use 24/7.
  • Where there are a lot of custom tables. 
  • Where SQL was used to manage data in the past.
  • Where compliance is becoming an issue due to regulations like GDPR.

Proactively Managing ERP Data Optimises Operations and Builds Agility

Proactively manage your ERP data to: 

  • Maintain ERP performance.
  • Manage risk. 
  • Lay the foundations for the future. 

With lean, clean, and secure data you can be prepared for whatever the future holds. 

The Symptoms of Poorly Managed JD Edwards Data

Operational Impact
  • Unmanageable data growth tables like GL table (FO911).
  • Poor performance after an upgrade.
  • Application freezes during peak trading hours.
  • Application underperforms during key processes such as annual/monthly close.
  • Back-ups take too long.
  • Compliance and security teams are worried about your JD Edwards data.

Strategic Impact
  • Upgrades - take longer, cause more downtime and are riskier.
  • Disaster Recovery is less efficient.
  • Cloud Migration more complicated.


Reduces Costs icon

Reduces Costs

  • Storage
  • Better Performance Times
  • Faster Upgrades
Improves Efficiency icon

Improves Efficiency

  • Save time on database tasks
  • End-users faster response time
  • Less downtime during upgrades
  • Easier Cloud migration
  • Better quality test data
Manages Risks icon

Manages Business Risks

  • Upgrades
  • Data Breaches
  • Disaster Recovery
  • GDPR
  • Application Retirement
  • Agility

Diagnosis & Deliverables

What you Get

Redfaire will run a series of analysis on your database. These are quick to run and will not impact performance. The tests and methodology are based on our experience working with hundreds of JDE clients over the past twenty years.
You will receive a comprehensive report with details on:

  • Table sizes and rate of growth - both standard and custom.
  • A watchlist of potential rogue tables with alarming growth patterns.
  • Past data growth rates and future growth projections.
  • A year-by-year breakdown of data volumes in the General Ledger (F0911).
  • A breakdown of data volumes in the General Ledger (F0911) by batch type.
  • A breakdown of data volumes in the Inventory Ledger (F4111) by document type

Next Steps

With the report you will be able to take informed decisions . For each issue identified we will rate how critical it is and recommend a clear course of action.

  • Identify which tables to proactively manage for immediate results. 
  • Identify issues to monitor - a type of JDE data 'watchlist'.
  • Identify risks and take action before they become mission critical.

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Redfaire is not just a supplier to us, but a strategic partner. Thanks to Redfaire’s outstanding support of our Oracle ERP system, and their technical know-how around Cloud, we have an extremely cost-effective and user-friendly ERP system.

We know that we are in safe hands and issues get resolved quickly and efficiently.

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