Cadran Consultancy launches Arantys: ERP software for Commodity Traders

Posted by Shannon Lyons

Earlier this year, Cadran Consultancy launched Arantys. Arantys is a unique software solution for Commodity Traders, which fully integrates ERP and Commodity Trading & Risk Management (CTRM).

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Unique product
Since the first ERP solutions appeared on the market in the 1970s, all kinds of industry-specific ERP systems have been developed. However, a solid solution for Commodity Traders was never created, due to their specific and complex trading and logistics requirements. Because of the lack of such an integrated solution, many Commodity Traders use separate ERP and trading systems. This often leads to (rounding) errors, limited flexibility and a lack of insight. In order to solve these problems, Cadran developed Arantys: the world's first ERP solution for Commodity Traders. A unique solution, because with Arantys trading companies manage all their trading, finance, logistics and risk management processes in a single integrated system.

Product development
'Arantys has grown into a solid, mature system in recent years,' says Sjors Oosterwaal, Solution Architect at Arantys. 'Starting in 2015, we involved a number of distinguished customers in the development of our software. Together we have built a solution aimed at the 'Data Driven Commodity Trader'. A data-driven commodity trader does not only want to execute processes efficiently but always has the right information to make quick decisions.' To achieve this, Arantys provides real-time insight into positions (e.g. Value-at-Risk and Mark-2-market). In addition, Arantys helps to immediately plan the transport optimally and handles the financial flows efficiently.

'The world of Commodity Traders deals with high volumes and small margins,' says Marjan van Son, Product Owner at Arantys. ‘It is complex to gain insight into costs when various purchase and sales contracts have to be tied together based on customer preferences and characteristics. Moreover, both commodities and currencies have to be hedged. Monitoring all these components in different systems takes a long time before information is available, and when it is, it often contains errors.’ Arantys enables companies to take a holistic approach to purchasing and sales contracts along with other costs. In Arantys, all departments talk to each other in one system by means of standard workflows. Logistics, trade and finance: everyone knows what is expected of them at any given time and contributes to maximizing profits.

‘Cadran employs over 30 consultants and developers who understand both the Commodity Trading market and the world of ERP software,’ says Bart Dix, Managing Partner at Cadran. ‘In recent years they have worked extremely hard to turn our solution into something solid. Their boundless dedication has resulted in a product that deserves its own brand name and proposition. In addition, the launch of Arantys helps us to tell our story. We work for many different clients in the industry and wholesale sector, but the world of Commodity Trading is such a special field that having our own product name helps us showcase our market knowledge.

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Cadran Consultancy
Since Cadran Consultancy was founded in 1998, the company specialized in implementing, providing support and hosting ERP systems at wholesalers, manufacturing companies and commodity traders. Cadran is an Oracle Platinum Business Partner and reseller. Its ERP portfolio consists of Oracle JD Edwards, Oracle Cloud and Oracle NetSuite. And since 2018 Cadran has its own BI subsidiary, Cadran Analytics, through which it helps companies become more data driven using BI.


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