Prepare your data for a JD Edwards to Oracle Cloud Migration

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We’ve helped more than thirty JD Edwards clients move from on-premises to the Cloud over the last few years. Clients were moving to the Cloud at a steady pace, but the announcement of Release 22 has been a real tipping point.

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Learn more about the benefits of JD Edwards Release 22

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JDE in the Cloud – Security, Performance & ROI

Today we see more and more JDE clients making the move to Cloud. Clients see that combining the advanced functionality of Release 22 with the agility of Cloud Infrastructure delivers the competitive advantage their business needs to stay ahead. Moving JDE to the Cloud not only improves performance and reduces TCO, but it also reinforces security, a win-win for CIOs.

JDE Cloud Benefits

Balancing Current Needs with Future Performance

Our clients are a diverse bunch, different industries, different sizes (from one of the largest JDE clients in EMEA to locally-focused mid-sized companies), and operating in different competitive environments. However, each of them faces the same question when developing a Cloud strategy: How do you find a path that allows you to:

  • Meet current needs.
  • Preserve the usefulness and value of existing investments AND
  • Provide options for the future.

Preparing the Ground – Optimize your ERP Data

Getting your Cloud strategy right takes time, of course, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until the strategy is finalized to start preparations. Even if you are not ready to move just yet, you can still do things today that will help you when you do decide to move. One of the quick wins we see that really makes a difference is getting your ERP data ready. You’ll need to look at: 

  • Database Format: If your DB is MSQL or DB2 you’ll first need to convert your data to Oracle Database format.
  • Data Volumes: Whether you are just moving to the Cloud or planning an Upgrade and a Cloud Migration, ensuring that your production database is an optimal size will help your project team.

Our client DX group aggressively reduced the quantity of data in production prior to their go-live which meant that the transition to the new system was completed in one weekend-  "End-users signed on to the new system on Monday morning having signed off the old system as usual on Friday evening."

Database Health Check

We’ve been helping JD Edwards clients for the last twenty years to proactively manage their JDE data and we bring these skills to our JDE to OCI Cloud Migration Package – it really does make a difference to how smoothly a project runs. Knowing the quantity of data you have to migrate and identifying in advance any potential issues is a simple but effective way to prepare for your JDE to OCI Cloud migration.
We offer JDE clients a free database health check which delivers detailed information on your ERP data. With the result of this health check, you’ll be able to plan your project more effectively. 

Learn more about the Free JDE Database Health Check


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